Advanced Technology Protection Systems For Every Vehicle


What good is having the best radar detector in the world, if you don’t have laser protection? We solved that by making the RC M ready to integrate with the best laser jammer in the world, the AL Priority, all in one discreet and compact display.




For the first time ever, you can now combine the AL Priority laser system with a top-flight integrated radar detection system for a complete, user-friendly solution.


Combining the AL Priority with the Radenso RC M unlocks new features of the AL Priority that are impossible when used standalone, like the ability to adjust certain settings of the AL Priority directly from the display of the RC M.

The performance of a radar detector goes well beyond identifying threats. Functionality and convenience are of paramount importance. The AL Priority isn’t just the world’s leading laser defense; it also is a fully functional parking sensor system.  Great for adding on parking sensors to cars that did not come with them, it is a true dual-purpose system that can be configured in software to comply with local laws and regulations.


 Exclusive Guarantee: If you get a speeding ticket, they will pay for it!*

Radenso offers a 1-year limited ticket reimbursement guarantee for all of there products purchased from authorized dealers.

  • 100% One-Year Quality Guarantee – Radenso will repair or replace any defective radar detector for one full year from the date of purchase.