Top 8 reasons why you should consider Escort Detector.

1- Technology and performance leader.

2- Winner of more detector awards and tests than all competitors combined!

3- 65% of detection protection patents belong to Escort.

4- More than 35 years of designing and engineering radar detectors.

5- Only detectors to feature AutoLearn technology – eliminates false alerts that plague all competitor detectors.

6- The award-winning ‘social network for the road’ Escort Live! App lets you see what everyone else in the Escort community sees.

7- Defender Database technology alerts you in advance to red light and speed camera locations.

8- World’s only all-digital detectors with true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to alert to real threats faster and more accurately.

Dash Mount Units:


MAX 360 

The All-New Max 360 provides directional alert arrows (front, side to side and rear indication), extreme range, lightning fast response time, pinpoint precision and directional alert display. It’s the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market.


Passport 9500IX 

Escort’s most awarded detector over time for drivers who want proven performance. Patented GPS and remarkable artificial intelligence creates one of the most accurate radar/laser detectors ever. You drive. It learns. Enjoy.


Passport X70

Best value with brilliant new OLED display. The new Passport X70 is the best value in long-range warning against all radar guns, including SuperWide Ka-band and ‘instant-on’ encounters.

Professionally Installed Units:


Passport 9500IX 

The Mack-Daddy of all radar and laser detectors. It is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed.


The PASSPORT 9500ci is completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors, keeping you unseen and unnoticed.


The PASSPORT 9500ci’s “Mark Location” feature enables the customer to manually mark known speed traps, camera locations, or anything else worth noting. Once stored in its memory, the 9500ci will provide sufficient warning for all of these points of interest.


The PASSPORT 9500ci comes pre-loaded with our DEFENDER® Database – thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and speed-based cameras throughout North America. You can also download updates, back up your data, and stay on top of new threats directly from the Escort Radar website. The 9500ci comes complete with a 3 year Defender Database Subscription.


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Laser Shifter Pro


The Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced laser defense system available to protect you from unwanted tickets. ShifterPro incorporates true laser diodes to maximize its effectiveness against targeting laser guns. Plus, as new laser ticketing technology is developed, the ShifterPro software is now upgradable using Escort’s exclusive Shifter Tools.


High performance laser-based “Shifting” transceivers provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns. Our highly sensitive receiver is constantly scanning for targeting laser guns. Once a threat is detected, the true laser optic design confuses the targeting laser gun within milliseconds, allowing you to check and adjust your speed as needed.


Laser ShifterPro provides both audible and visual alerts. The built-in speaker provides a warning tone once a signal is detected, while the power on/off LED flashes to let you know that it has detected a signal and is transmitting.


Laser ShifterPro comes complete with an installation guide, twin front-mounted Laser Shifters, panel mounted On/Off Switch, 12-volt Interface with integrated speaker and volume control, modular connections, complete wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware.

For More Information About These Impressive Radar Detectors, check out www.escortradar.com/why-escort-radar-detectors