Tom Mangs

Over 30 Years of Service!

Since he was 14, Tom has been working on and building cars and motorcycles. He’s what one might call a gearhead. After learning how to do things correctly, he started putting together more advanced custom car audio systems. He enjoys designing and building out of the ordinary looking custom installations.

Tom started working for Audio Advisors in 1986 in the car audio department. He has attended several manufacturer training courses for car electronics since then, and has received many certifications from companies like JL Audio and Rockford Fosgate, as well as receiving awards, such as, “Mobile Electronics Magazine’s: Top 12 Installers in the United States” for 2012.

Tom has built several cars for IASCA and CAN car audio competitions. His 1969 Trans Am was featured in Hot Rod and Popular Hotrodding magazines.

Brent Kirk

Over 30 Years of Service!

Brent Kirk started in 1985 and since then has had vast experience in the car stereo and security installation field. Has worked in the complete wiring of many street cars and race cars. Not one to shy away from the action Brent owns and drives a Pro Stock Truck. He is also a drag a racing enthusiast which brings this action to help achieve the absolute best performance of any of your vehicle modifications. One of his great works, a 1966 Chevy II was featured in a magazine cover highlighting the commitment to innovation, detail and quality in all that he does. We are proud to have him as part of our team.

Jeremy Lewis

Over 20 Years of Service!

Jeremy Lewis has been a team member for over 20 years and is a well known street racing enthusiast whose moniker is known as “Heavy Chevy”. Jeremy has been a long time asset to the team and serves as a performance advisor and resident tuner of Serious Autosport street racing automobiles. If you’re looking to add some serious performance to your car or truck, this is the guy to talk to. Currently running over 1000 whp from his truck, Jeremy has the experience to get your vehicle down the road in a hurry!

Jerit Brown

Over 5 Years of Service!

Jerit was a Serious Autosport client from the moment he was old enough to drive. His passion drove him to enhance the performance and sound of his car always learning more along the way. Need a fact? Jerit recites technical specs like they are sports stats. He is a true automotive enthusiast.

After many years,  Jerit finally joined our team in 2011 and his enthusiasm continues to this day. He is an extremely organized and on top of all customers from beginning to end.

Jason White

Over 5 Years of Service!

Jason spent four years in the United States Air Force working on F-16’s and in his spare time he would wrench on his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle or his Jeep Wrangler. During his service he also studied competitive driving at Willow Springs Raceway which is just outside of Edwards AFB.

After the Air Force, Jason volunteered at a few speed shops to maintain his mechanical aptitude and engineering skills. Over the year’s he’s worked on several custom projects including turbocharged NSX’s and supercharged Honda Preludes and now his current ride which is an extremly fast 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX.

Sonny Joseph

Over 5 Years of Service!

With over 17 years of experience in system design and installation Sonny is ready to make any vehicle stereo sound to its best potential. He has a strong understanding of car audio components and systems. If you have a factory system and it’s not sounding like it should he has a great ability at assessing speaker system and sound system issues pulling it all together and making it sound as it should be.

Tony “Thor” Mangs

Over 5 Years of Service!

Imported directly from an autonomous region of the European continent commonly known as Finland, this ancestor of Nordic warriors has been directly embedded into the custom car culture through the guidance and tutelage of his equally classically trained predecessor and father, Tom Mangs. Tony is currently our youngest serviceman specializing in 12-volt warfare and a future top 10 installer nationwide just like the decedents before him. His willingness to accept any challenge has earned Tony a nickname of Thor, the Scandinavian God of Thunder. His powers are associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, and the protection of vital electronics in nearly any automotive installation. At times you can find him clutching to his mighty hammer which allows Tony to break free from most sticky situations. Serious Autosport is proud to call this man of men a champion in the industry and an integral part of the future of our company. 

Bryan Baum

Over 19 Years of Service!

Since Bryan was a little kid, he was always into cars and how stuff works. At 15 years old he started helping out at a local car audio shop. His love for Audiophile Sound Quality grew. He now has over 19 years of experience in the 12-volt industry.

His drive and passion moved him to earn many certifications in the 12-volt industry. He has MECP Advanced, MECP Basic, ASE 6A, as well as factory training from both Focal and Mosconi.

Now as an Audiophile Sound Quality enthusiast he loves to show customers what their vehicle can and should sound like. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Audiophile Sound Quality in your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free quote!

Natasha Strini

Over 5 Years of Service!

Pennsylvania veteran, Natasha Strini, recently packed up and headed to the sunny state of Florida. Natasha is a car audio specialist with more than 16 years of experience in the automotive & motorcycle industry. Natasha specializes in system design for audio & video systems, security, and safety. 16years of experience can’t go wrong, so contact us today and set an appointment for a free quote.

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