Serious Autosport was established by a father, son and friend who had spent many years purchasing from the aftermarket industry never to find any one company that had done everything right. Serious Autosport is the all encompassing custom car and truck shop South Florida has been waiting for! At Serious Autosport customer service is our number one priority, we go beyond the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied to the highest degree.
With our top notch facility, top quality products and experienced staff we are able to transform a luxury or exotic automobile from the one you see on every street corner to the one everyone on that corner can’t take their eyes off, because let’s face it… “Stock is BORING”!
Our creations at Serious Autosport are clean and classy while still making the car or truck really stand out. No longer do you have to jump from shop to shop to complete your automobile. Come in, see our facility, meet our staff, view our current projects and you too will entrust your automobile to Serious Autosport!

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There were two tests to be had as the GTR first ran the “Standing Mile,” which saw the clock start to click with the Nissan at a standstill before taking off at full speed. Just one mile later, the V6 twin turbo powered Hoover forward to 200.709 mph.

The second category saw Hoover get a 300 foot head start to the proceedings as he crossed the timing line with some momentum already building. That brought an even more impressive result as his clocked another GT-R record with a mark of 208.902 miles per hour through the “Flying Mile” markers. These records have been surpassed at this time and the recent upgrades to the Serious GTR make this ride even faster!

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