You’ve made your decision and want to buy the “Whiz Bang Model 7” car radio. It’s got everything- all the features and looks good, too. The question is- what’s the best price you can get it for?

You’ve made visits to several retail shops in your area, from the “Big Box” guys to the local “Mom & Pop” shop and have a pretty good idea about what they’re charging you, so you think you’re ready to pull the trigger- but one of your buddies (you know, the one who “does it all himself and claims to be the master of everything”) suggests you check on the internet and see if you can get it cheaper.

It seems like a logical choice. Heck, we’re all shopping the net these days for one thing or another, but when it comes to car audio- or electronics in general- anything that can or will require support or installation, it’s ALWAYS BETTER TO MAKE YOUR PURCHASE LOCALLY rather than run the risk of time-wasting issues over a few bucks. Here’s why…

Buying over the internet involves risks- These risks include unauthorized dealers, “grey-market goods” and even the chance that you’ll pay for something and never get it! EVERY reputable manufacturer usually lists their authorized dealers- whether by physical location or on the internet- AND- they almost always have a posted notice regarding purchasing their products from un-authorized dealers and the risks involved.


Here is the actual notice posted on JL Audio’s website: (www.jlaudio.com)

“The Internet is a vast marketplace and home to countless professional-looking websites that offer to sell every product imaginable. Anyone can create an online store with little or no credibility, authorization, or even product. They can also be closed down at a moment’s notice, leaving hardly any trace. We regularly field complaints and a few horror stories from customers of unauthorized sites offering JL Audio products.

Please understand that JL AUDIO products purchased from unauthorized sources carry no warranty from JL AUDIO, regardless of any claims made by the seller. We have no way of determining whether these products are used, refurbished, counterfeit, stolen or otherwise compromised. Many unauthorized retailers remove factory serial numbers to conceal the origin of products, which is illegal in some states. We have seen numerous instances of speakers that have been sliced open and improperly re-glued, amplifiers that have been improperly re-assembled, etc. Please do not fall victim to misleading representations, prices that appear too good to be true, promises of ‘full factory warranty’, product that is on eternal ‘back-order’ and other unscrupulous actions practiced by unauthorized sellers.”

-All eBay sellers offering “new” JL Audio products are unauthorized.

-All Amazon.com listings offering “new” JL Audio products are unauthorized.

Purchasing from an authorized dealer gets you the following: -A WARRANTY -DEALER SUPPORT

And it even gets better when you purchase from a LOCAL DEALER…

Purchasing from a local dealer gets you all of the above INCLUDING professional installation, local support, local defective exchanges and the peace-of-mind of having someone local to discuss your system with rather than the random person you get with the 800 number.

In most cases, price becomes less of an issue because you’ll find that pricing through authorized dealers (local or internet) is actually quite close. Now, if you don’t mind having to ship your defective unit back to the dealer you bought from when you saved a few bucks, have at it. You will be wasting more time and effort than the few dollars you saved and adding inconvenience to what was supposed to have been an “effortless purchase”.

In closing, if you’re getting ready to make an electronics purchase, give your local dealer the opportunity over the internet. You’ll be better off in the long run.

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